3D scanning og digitalisering

3D scanning og digitalisering, Reverse Engineering, målerapporter og dokumentation.

CAMCON IT har kompetencer i 3D scanning og digitalisering, samt Reverse Engineering, dvs. en CAD model afledt af 3D scanning til videre brug. Vi kan også udfærdige komplette målerapporter og dokumentationer af vores opgaver. 

Et lille udpluk af muligheder med Zeiss 3D scanning

  • Design
  • Prototype udvikling
  • Marketing
  • Måle-rapport
  • Overordnet kvalitetskontrol
  • Slitage analyse

3D scanning software

ZEISS colin3D for high demands in data acquisition

The 3D Scanning Software ZEISS colin3D coupled with the optical scanner systems COMET, COMET Photogrammetry, T-SCAN ensures best measurement results in quality assurance, sample analysis or digitizing design models.

The software platform supports you with the optimum positioning of the object to be scanned in the measuring field and helps to control, document, visualize, analyze and edit three-dimensional data. ZEISS colin3D is a multi-functional and intuitive software that meets various applications and demands.

Ultra-compact 3D sensor

ZEISS COMET L3D 2 is an ultra-compact 3D sensor offers great flexibility, a high measuring speed and impressive performance.

Map the 3D data of your components quickly and accurately and gain increased scope for a multitude of measuring tasks thanks to the unique flexibility of the system.

The high-performance software platform colin3D ensures a consistently efficient and projectoriented procedure during the entire measuring process.).

Hand-held laser scanner

The new, hand-held laser scanner T-SCAN CS sets new standards with exceptional performance, ease-of-use and outstanding value-for-money.

Fast, intuitive and highly precise 3D scanning has now taken on a new dimension in coordinate measurement technology with the hand-held laser scanner T-SCAN CS. The revolutionary and modular all-in-one concept, includes perfectly matched components (tracking camera, hand-held scanner and touchprobe), thereby offering highest flexibility for a large variety of applications.

Automated laser scanner

Automate your 3D measurements with the T-SCAN laser scanner for maximum efficiency and high data quality!

The automated measuring configuration featuring the unique T-SCAN laser scanner allows exceptionally efficient workflows for repeated measurement tasks in quality control (e.g. fully integrated solutions for statistical process control synchronized to production cycle).


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